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The look of a Shukuba is preserved here. Yui Honjin Park is in this town. There is a museum for Ando Hiroshige in Yui Honjin Park and you can learn more about Japanese print art.


■ Things to see

  • Yui Honjin Park/Tokaido Yui-shuku Communication Hall
    Honjin is where the nationally important figures stayed. It thrived as a busy Shukuba with Waki-honjin, guest houses for general travelers, and tea houses. Tokaido Hiroshige Museum is located on the former Honjin site and you can learn about Japanese print art.

  • Shizuoka City Tokaido Hiroshige Art Museum
    The first museum in Japan to exhibit a collection by an Ukiyoe artist from Tokaido, Hiroshige Ando.


pdf file Download the brochure for Yui-shuku

A video is on YouTube.

Tōkaidō Yui-shuku: From Yui Station

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■ Directions
  • 20 minutes from the Shizuoka Station on inbound JR Tokaido Line (to Tokyo). Get off at the Yui Station.
  • 13 minutes from the Fuji Station on outbound JR Tokaido Line (to Osaka). Get off at the Yui Station.

Information base ■Information base: Tokaido Yui-shuku Communication Hall
Hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm phone: 054-375-5166
Information base: Tokaido Yui-shuku Communication Hall

Jippensha Ikku

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