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Utsunoya Pass

Utsunoya Pass

In Japanese, "Utsu" means empty or a mysterious space that can bring back life. Since the olden days, this spot has been featured in literature as a mysterious spot.

Hiroshige:Utsunoya Pass

■Things to see

  • Utsunoya Village(HISTORIC SITE)
    This is a village of about 40 households and still shows a glimpse of the path from the past.

  • Meiji Tunnel (A tunnel from the Meiji period)(HISTORIC SITE)
    A prominent individual in the area funded a construction of this tunnel during the Meiji period (early 20th century) in response to an increase in traffic. A total of 150,000 workers spent 2 years to build this first toll-tunnel in Japan.


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  • About 30 minutes on Shizutetsu Just Line Bus "Chubu Kokudo Line," departing from the North Exit of the Shizuoka Station (the No. 7 spot). Get off at "Utsunoya-Iriguchi" or "Sakashita" bus stop.
    ※Chubu Kokudo Line runs about 2-4 buses every hour on weekdays and about 2 buses every hour on the weekends.

Information base

■Information base:
◇Road Station"Michi no Eki" Utsunoya Toge Okabe Chaya
Hours: 7:00am to 7:00pm
Closed: January 1

◇Road Station"Michi no Eki" Utsunoya Toge Shizuoka City
Hours: Outbound: items for sale, restaurant 7:00am to 7:00pm
Area information center 8:30am to 7:00pm
Open year round

Road Station Utsunoya Toge Okabe Chaya and Utsunoya Toge

Jippensha Ikku

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