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This is the 15th Shukuba . Traditional buildings of a Shukuba and the Western-style buildings from the early 20th century remain.


■Things to see

  • Shida-Tei(Former Shida Residence)(HISTORIC BUILDING)
    Reconstructed in around 1855, this house was used to make oil and Shoyu. It is a registered national tangible cultural property.

  • Kyu Igarashi-Shikaiin(Former Igarshi Dental Office)(HISTORIC BUILDING)
    This house, originally built in the late 19th century, was remodeled in 1914 to a Western-style dentist’s office. It has a Western look on the outside. It is a registered national tangible cultural property.

  • Hatago Izumiya Oyasumi-Dokoro (HISTORIC BUILDING)
    This building was used as a guest house during the Edo period. They offer weaving, dyeing, silver and clay craft D.I.Y. classes. The sign holder and the handrail on the 2nd floor are original pieces. It is a registered national tangible cultural property.

Former Shida Residence/Former Igarashi Dental Office/Hatago Izumiya (Oyasumi-Dokoro)

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Kambara-shuku, the 15th post town

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  • 27 minutes from the Shizuoka Station on inbound JR Tokaido Line (to Tokyo). Get off at the Shin-Kambara Station.
  • 7 minutes from the Fuji Station on outbound JR Tokaido Line (to Osaka). Get off at the Shin-Kambara Station.

Information base ■Information base:Kyu Igarashi-Shikaiin
Hours: 9:30am to 4:30pm (until 4:00pm during November to February)
Closed: Mondays (if it is a holiday, closed on the following day), end and beginning of the year
Former Igarashi Dental Office

Jippensha Ikku

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